2The “Clavero” is a historic naval boat of the Peruvian Amazon. She was built in Paris, France in 1878 and purchased by the Peruvian Navy in 1892 as part of their Amazonian fleet. The “Clavero” was involved in many important exercises during her tenure in the navy. She was used to expel an invading Ecuadorian army in 1903 and was used by the joint Brazilian-Peruvian expedition of discovery to the Rio Purus in 1905.

Docked at Lago Preto

Docked at Lago Preto

The “Clavero” is a 28 metre long and 5 metre wide boat of steel construction. She was purchased by AmazonEco in April 2007 and used for student expeditions to the Yavari and Samiria rivers. Accommodation on the “Clavero” is student level, with bunk beds in fan cooled cabins and shared showers/toilets. She has a large dinning area that is also used for project work and lectures, and a sun deck. The “Clavero” underwent restoration work by AmazonEco and has many original features, but will undergo further restoration in 2008. She has a large 400 hp Caterpillar engine and a Perkins generator.

Student expedition

Student expedition


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